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“Peopletoo helped to bring a different perspective to help us rise to the challenge of austerity, they worked collaboratively with managers and staff to understand the local position and offered practical solutions and options to help us on the next stage of our journey.”
Rachael Shimmin, Director of Children and Adults Services, Durham County Council
“The benefits of working with Peopletoo in a previous role, was their constructive challenge and practical support. It really helped us review our approach to some areas of commissioning and service delivery and meant that I didn’t hesitate to call on them again after taking up my current post.”
Gail Hopper, Director of Children's Services, Rochdale Borough Council
“Working with Peopletoo to develop our integrated transport hub has truly felt like co-creation. They have supported and challenged us and transferred skills which will leave us in a much stronger position to face future challenges.”
Fiona Belton, ex-Head of Strategy Commissioning Procurement and Performance for Planning and Environment, London Borough of Croydon
“Peopletoo have the business skills but their real key to success is partnership working. They roll-up their sleeves and get stuck in.”
Arthur Hooper, Managing director, CORMAC Solutions Ltd
“They have helped me take the service from good to great.”
Mike Nicholson, Strategic Director - People, Newport City Council
“This (Improving Transport Services) is such a great project.”
Linda Wright, Head of Inclusion, Learning Access and SEN, Croydon Council
“Peopletoo work closely with managers and form an integral part of the overall management team as well as working with staff at all levels of the organisation.”
Jane Portman, Executive Director - Adults and Children, Bournemouth Borough Council
“Thank you for your professionalism, diligence and insight in helping to make this project happen.”
Bruce Parvin, Project Manager - Integrated Care, South Tyneside Council
“The skills, insight and partnership working brought to our team by Peopletoo were exceptional. This has enabled and continues to enable us to move forward in strides.”
Siân Walker - Ex-Director Health & Social Care, City of Cardiff Council
“The team from Peopletoo proved to be good listeners, quick to understand and find pragmatic ways to deliver the brief, but capable of providing a bracing degree of constructive challenge when we most needed it.”
Andrew Stephens, Assistant Director, Community and Skills, Slough Borough Council
“They were able to bring a new commercial perspective to council services. Peopletoo had the skills and experience to help bring officers as well as councillors on board.”
Marc Hume, Director of Regeneration and Transformation, London Borough of Bromley
“Peopletoo has proven experience in alternative delivery models, commercialisation and service transformation and this was extremely valuable in analysis of existing services and development of detailed improvement plans for the delivery of better outcomes and financial benefits.”
Tara King, Assistant Director for City Operations, City of Cardiff Council
“Peopletoo were instrumental in helping effect real sustainable change within our customer services operation. They understood our corporate and service priorities and their diagnostic identified very clearly the key areas which required improvement. Their service improvement plan was comprehensive and they worked side by side with service managers to deliver the improvements whilst transferring skills and mentoring key staff. We achieved a huge improvement in service delivery which was maintained and continued even after they had finished their assignment.”
Caroline Woolf, Ex-Director of Transformation, London Borough of Havering
“Peopletoo helped us to review our early help and prevention offer. Their extensive experience across children’s, adults and public health services was invaluable in developing a new Strategy and target operating model. As a result of their work significant cashable savings have been identified.”
Brian Roberts, Director of Corporate Resources, Leicestershire County Council
“Peopletoo provided a number of key people with a broad range of skills and expertise which were crucial to the programme’s success. These included project management, organisational development, programme governance and stakeholder management. At all times the emphasis was on ensuring the programme delivered value for money and the outcomes required whilst transferring skills to the in-house team.”
Paul Leo, Ex-Head of Strategic Estates, Northumberland County Council
“Peopletoo have been a great support in moving multi-agency programmes forward through their skills in partnership working and facilitating and implementing change, coupled with the energy they bring to and engender within the programme.”
Martin Parker, Head of Integrated Adult Care Commissioning, West Sussex County Council
“Peopletoo representatives worked closely with and alongside a wide range of stakeholders, including front-line employees, middle managers, Directors, Members and Trade Union representatives. Peopletoo’s stakeholder engagement was successful as a result of its representatives making time to meet and listen to Council employee’s and Members throughout the project whilst demonstrating a good depth of knowledge and experience relevant to the services within scope of the project. Its success was enhanced through its focus on workforce development issues including opportunities for training and development, growth in apprenticeships and trainee-ships, and in-sourcing of work that was outsourced.”
David Lowe, Waste Operations Manager, City of Cardiff Council
“Peopletoo provided senior officers and members with an appropriate level of robust challenge, so that we could identify possible savings and efficiencies, whilst still being able to celebrate those things we had already done well, to improve practice and reflect best value in Children’s services. We found their work to be professional and thorough, and their final report was easy to read with meaningful recommendations”
Paul Hewitt, Divisional Director, Children and Young People Services, Harrow Council